Who am I?

I guess we all look for the answer to this questions who we really are, wich shadows lay beneath our skin.

But do we really want to show?

And is there a definite answer to that question or is it a feeling?

A way of live?

Do we even know when we finally found it?

Do we just stumble upon it like a penny on the street?

How can we even attempt?

But most of all will it solve everything else?

What if we find it and you couldn’t be further away from what you think it would be?

Can it then be the answer or do we need to change everything after that?

For me I am still chasing to find the answer to that question but right know I am on a path I never thought I would end up on.

To be honest if someone a couple years ago would tell me my story as their own I would’ve judged that person right away as lazy and unattached to reality, as well as probably just not intelligent enough to be better than the average.

I may be all that, but is that then my identity?

Does it even matter?

Does knowing it now change anything?

I seriously doubt that.

Everyone can follow a path but building you own is hard too. The worst part about it is you have no way of knowing where to end up and wich dangers are hiding behind the bushes.

The only thing to know is that you can’t go back.

Progress is any direction you can take. Because it is your way, you take it, you are the one who is making it and there is nothing more to know!

It will take time, it won’t be easy. You are still going to make it.

Believe in you as you should do.