What hiking does to your body

During this time, I picked up and fell in love with a new hobby:

Hiking, it really helps me to get rid of this trapped feeling I also feel more in touch with nature and myself again. 

Down below I collected some interesting facts about hiking and its benefits.

It makes you fit

It goes without saying that physical activity is going to build your endurance. Hiking does this on a very low impact with and a low risk of injury compared to high intensity sports. 

It makes you slim 

The average person burns about 350kcal per hour, which rises to 550kcal if you go hiking in the mountains. A study from Morris and Hardman in 1997 suggest that your fat burning rate is also about 40-60% higher than during running. 

It makes you healthy 

Hiking has all the benefits of physical activity, like increasing your bone density, training and strengthening your musculoskeletal system as well as bettering your posture. 

Regular hiking leads to an increase in the tidal volume and the lung vital capacity. This results in deeper, more regular breathing, a lower respiratory rate and better blood flow to the lungs as also suggested in the study from Morris and Hardman in 1997. 

Cognitive decline in performance can be slowed down by walking regularly. This means by hiking regularly you can increase your cognitive ability and slow down the aging process of your brain and decreases the likelihood of developing dementia. (see Abbot et al. 2004)

It makes you relaxed 

Long distance walking does increase your metabolism plus the production of the hormones serotonin and dopamine, both of them give you a good overall feeling and a more happy outlook on life. 

Some studies have shown that only picture of a landscape can reduce your blood pressure, stress levels and releave muscle tension, looking out of a window can have the same calming effect, actually being in nature intensifies the relaxation.   

Do you have made similar experiences with hiking? 

Have you picked up some new hobbies or skills? 

Please tell me in the comments I am curious.