How to watch less Netflix and be more productive:

It doesn’t matter if your guilty pleasure is Netflix, Amazon prime or Hulu.

You probably procrastinate your life binge watching your favorite Show.

Here are some helpful hacks to limit your lazy devil.

Disable Auto-Play 

Taking the first step is taking the control over your binge watching and take the responsibility. Disable Auto-Play in the settings and take an active approach into choosing the content you will watch. It will help you to realize how much episodes you actually will go through.

One Series at a time 

Try to limit the series you are watching to one at a time, this will help you to keep an overview and will get you bored in the long run. The sad truth is that even the best series has weak seasons as well as repetitive patterns. The faster you get used to them, the easier it gets to switch them of and stop watching so much eventually.

Don`t get distracted 

Who else is guilty of binge-watching on the side and getting distracted in the end?

The simple solution is to just stop keeping yourself distracted. Humans have been able to do chores without the Internet. It will cut the time it takes in half and keeps you focused.

If you don’t want to go cold turkey try switching the sound off​ or opt for an audiobook or revive your old playlist for some nostalgia.

Reward yourself 

Do you remember when you eventually sat down in the Livingroom to catch the latest episode or the primetime Movie?

The satisfying feeling of being done with the day and just relax enjoying the entertainment?

Try to reward yourself after the chores for the day are done with an episode of your favorite Series or the Move your​ friend recommended.

It will keep you less stressed and relaxed in the long run.



Did you find my ideas helpful?

Do you have some on your own?

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