How I went Vegan

My Story begins with curiosity, I was a meat eater, 17 years old, filled with insecurities with a desire to become the beautiful fit girl who is just glowing with life.

So, I did what the most people told me to do eat a lot of chicken breast, Salads, and avoided carbs!

Coming from an eating disorder and previous very districtive diets I was disciplined but clueless.

I puffed up developed terrible acne with scars I still have, and I binged casually on my so called “cheat days” with more junk food than I would like to remember today.

I felt more and more unhappy with myself and got back to eating less and less again.

There was one snippet of a sentence going around my head which I read in a book I once purchased because I promised me to become Skinny without any effort.

The book was called “skinny Bitch” by Rory Freedman.


I also have to ad I did toss that book after reading that sentence because I knew it would lead me to veganism…

…And we all know how crazy stupid and weak vegans are…

“A cow’s milk is made for cattle to become a 400-pound cow, why should you get skinny from it?”

I did a little Research and after I digged myself through a tremendous amount of articles trying to tell me the Hormones and milk protein will make me gain muscle but possibly also give me acne I just decided to try swapping milk for soymilk and ditch my usual block of cheese at night.

The fact that soymilk is a lot lower in calories also convinced my skinny obsessed mind to follow through.

I wasn’t at all as hard as I was expecting it to be, I was still puffed up, but I got away with the feeling that my acne did get a lot less inflamed and slowly finally got better!

I couldn’t believe it!

I still remember the day telling my friend in school that I didn’t need to put on makeup and counselor that day because I simply didn’t need to.

The aftermath was a terrible fear of accidentally consuming cow’s milk and I was shocked were it was hidden, milk powder everywhere!

So, I ditched most processed Bakery’s as a consequence and lost some weight to my surprising. Now hooked on that vegan idea I tried to secretly avoid animal Products completely without telling anybody because of insecurity.

Researching the vegan Topic on YouTube I had found a in that time very popular and controversial vegan Youtuber: Freelee the Banana girl.

Seeing that beautiful Woman talking about animal rights and the importance of calories from the right sources turned my world around and I finally found the courage to announce my new lifestyle. 

I full on jumped on the raw till 4 Truck eating my heart out on low fat and high sugar fruits. 

It was the first time I really experience was hunger and fullness was my hunger clues started working and I slowly started feeling a lot better. 

Even though I did gain weight during that process I started to accept myself and feeling comfortable in my body a world changing experience for me.

I have never been exactly agreeing with Freelee on a lot of topics, but I am still thankful for her changing my life so significantly in such a positive and compassioned way. 

However, in the following years I did try to lose the weight I gained again, but in a very slow pasted healthy way without feeling guilty to have some occasional treats here and there. I also managed to keep it off since.

I couldn’t Imagine going back to eating animal products for so many health related, Philosophical and environmental reasons it deserves an own Blog article. 

Do you have your own Vegan Story?

Please tell me in the comments.

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