Two Islands and a rainbow Cave

Fighting Mosquitos

After a night fighting of two bloodthirsty mosquitoes we find our way down to the breakfast room.

We get greeted by our very alert host from Yesterday and a very fashionable young woman with red lipstick.

With the assistance of a huge dinner tray they try to explain that we could eat in the breakfast room or take what we want from the buffet and take it with us upstairs.

We try to explain in very broken Italian that the effort would not be necessary. As we sit down the host is asking us in a very accommodating manner what we would like to eat, if we would like tea or coffee and making us toast.

The table is filled with sweet bakeries, fruits, different kinds of toast and yoghurt.

On the back of the room we find cereals, the coffee machine, cutlery and the toaster.

Me being the hungry little monster I am I feel the need of toast.

Inspecting the toaster, it doesn’t seem too complicated: put toast in and push the Button…

The smell and the looks of very burned toast 2 minutes later tell me otherwise.

I try to fiddle out the freakishly hot slices putting them in a bowl and set them to the side as I do not find a bin.

Embarrassed and with burned fingers I go back to the table and opt for a banana.

As our host comes back assuring everything is alright, he gets alerted by the smell and starts mistrustfully inspecting the toaster. But leaving again after and leaving me hoping that my clumsiness did not cause distrust in the toaster.

I was wrong.

He returns discussing with the fashionable lady showing her the toaster. Which she is inspecting in the same mistrusting way. Still wildly talking he deplugs the poor thing taking it to the kitchen with him for further examination.

Me now blushing in embarrassment leaving my place like an ashamed puppy, taking the bowl with burned toast with me to the kitchen door to explain what happened.

As the elderly host opens the Kitchen door sees my facial expression and the bowl with burned toast he starts laughing.

Still a little embarrassed I challenge myself to a smile trying to apologize as he, still laughing, carries the toaster back to its place.

Venice in the morning is beautiful.

Morning at San Marco

After our Breakfast adventures we get outside to discover Venice in the morning. Venice in the morning is beautiful, the streets are empty, the cold blue sky and the morning Fog create a feeling of mystery.

We arrive at the piazza San Marco surrounded by the long ancient white palasts leading the eye to the majestic dome.

where tourists are already waiting in line to get in.

turning right, passing all the tourists we find the ferry station. Taking the ferry to Giudecca we pass along the beautiful skyline of Venice while getting splashed by the mist of the sea.

Giudecca is a long but narrow Island opposed to the actual city of Venice. It has a long promenade next to the sea and the view of the ancient city.

Realizing we were way to early and only having a light breakfast we sit down at a Hostel enjoying the Italian Coffee and soaking in the view as the sun slowly rises.

We get passed by a surprisingly number of joggers running along the promenade. If there is a next time, I am going to definitely bring a pair of running shoes to try the route myself it must be a beautiful experience.

Accidental treasures

We proceeded walking in search of the Icelandic Cave and stumble upon a sign leading to another installation we wanted to see. It was the Estonic Pavillion by Kris Lemsalu.

We are the first and only people to arrive wich gives surrealistic imposement of the Installation a much stronger impact, there is futuristic music playing in the background which is slightly overpowered by the sound of the fountains.

We are probably the only people to manage getting lost on a linear Island.

Walking the promenade up and down for nearly two hours in the rising midday heat. Getting send back and fourth in four different languages and finally arriving only to realize we arrived half an hour to early and the cave is not jet opened.

Better than the Bat Cave

The Icelandic Cave was built by… and is a room filled with colorful synthetic wool in all colors you could imaging. You are allowed to touch fell and relax on the fluffy ground and raised seating opportunities.

You get taken away from your own amazement also pushed higher by the amazement and childish joy by the people surrounding you.

It is a fluffy childhood dream coming true that you didn’t knew you were having.

It is hard to leave but there is so much more to see and experience on the bielnnale.

We take the Ferry back to Venice accidentally boarding the private Water Taxi Called by the Hilton Hotel at the end of the Island.

Trying to act as hiltony as possible we start searching for a vegan option for lunch.

We find a Vegan restaurant at the opposite side of the station we arrived at. We walk to our destination discovering a new part of the City with school and houses looking fairly different.

The restaurant was an interesting experience, they even had a venetian dish veganized which i really enjoyed.

Rivers and harsh criticism

Walking back, we set up a route to pass as many art installations as possible before the closing time.

The ones that stayed the most vibrant I my head where satellite Photographs of rivers by an Bangladesh Photographer looking so unreal and detailed they appeared three dimensional and like painted with runny watercolor.

The second one was by Armenia they set up a tiny room to walk inside with every wall being a screen playing different videos of police violence at protests, people being dragged passed there loved ones screaming and and crying to get arrested and pushed in police cars.

I couldn’t bear to stay in this room for long being confronted with so much fear, anger and frustration at once.

The few seconds I stayed still left a strong imprint on me and I dearly hope that in the future we can get better at dealing with Situations like these.

Life is a Beach

Still influenced by the experiences of the day we look forward to a lighter evening entertainment.

We would like to visit the City beach and finally take a swim in the sea we have been surrounded by the last two days.

The beach is at Lido the another Island surrounding Venice.

On the way across the Island we find what we didn’t miss jet on the main City. The all-inclusive tourist, Family retreats and Teenager travel groups, already drunk and proceeded to look deeper into the glass.

The beach is surprisingly empty a strong wind is blowing, and the waves are as tall as me.

The water is surprisingly cold for July but the calming swim at the of the day is definitely worth the hassle of getting in the water.

Riding into the sunset

After our swim we find a small supermarket to pick up some breads Tomatoes and small salads to take away, we find a beautiful spot at the pier dangling our feet in the ocean and watching the sunset painting the sky in beautiful colors.