How to become a morning person

1. Timing is everything

We all love to stay up and sleep in, am I right?

But during adulting we have to learn that the famous saying about the early bird is actually right when we endure waking up early everyday.

The most helpful tip is having a set timing when you go to bed and when you wake up.

Your Body will adopt to your timing and you will feel more energized and rested in the morning. The longer your schedule continues this way the easier it gets.

As a little treat you will also be more likely to snap back into your sleeping habits after a long night.

2. Drink up

The first thing I do in the morning is drinking a glas of water.

It wakes up my body and gets the system started.

Dehydration is also one of the main causes of tiredness during the day, so you are already one step ahead.

3. Strech it out

Gently stretching in the morning most people already do unconsciously it is the natural reaction of your body to waking up.

So embrace this behavior and strech everything you can.

Maybe even throw in a short Yoga sequence?

4. Get turned on

For me one of the most energizing things is music.

Make yourself a mix of your favorite happy songs to listen to in the morning.

It will leave good vibes for the day and keep up you mood.

5. Fuel yourself

Food is energy, it gets you going and as a self proclaimed foodie probably the only thing that actually gets me out of bed.

Prepare a Breakfast you are excited about to eat the night before.

It will not only leave you some more time in the morning it will also be a great motivation to find your way into the kitchen.

6. Keep it cozy

The worst part in the morning for me is to leave my warm and comfortable bed for the freezing cold outside.

As a solution my cosiest and fluffiest jacket is always near by to grab and get comfortable in before leaving my pillow paradise.

7. Take your time

Leave yourself time in the morning to do what you need and what you love in the morning.

Allways keep in mind you are ahead of the time and everybody else.

Everything you do now you won’t need to do in the afternoon and you can just enjoy the rest of your day more open and relaxed.

8. Splash, Splash!

Did your mum also wake you up with a wet washing cloth?

Well in some way mum is always right so washing your face and brushing your teeth will not only leave you fresh and clean, ready to takle the day.

The sents of toothpaste, face wash and face cream will also wake up your senses and get you in a good mood to start up right.