7 ways to sleep better

I am someone with a very busy lifestyle and I tend to overthink everything.

This does not help me get enough of that precious good night sleep.

I had find some little tips for my self to fall asleep much easier.

I hope they will help you as much as they helped me.

1. Schedule yourself

Try finding a time where you can go to sleep every day and wake up at the same time.

This will help setting you up for a good nights sleep and falling asleep much faster as time progresses.

In the first few weeks I tried to be strict with my bedtime regimen so my body could get used to it, but know I can easily switch it on and off during weekends and weekdays.

2. Avoid coffee breaks

As much as I love coffee and you probably do too.

The caffeine it contains can delay and even disrupt your sleep.

All though no coffee is not a desirable option you should try to stay away from caffeinated drinks up to ten hours before bed time.

Even if you feel insensitive to caffeine it can still affect your sleep by not letting you to fall asleep as fast and as deep as you should.

It will also keep you from achieving the deep sleep phase you need to fell refreshed in the morning.

Try to avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon and evening or switch to decaffeinated options.

3. Spill the tea

Tea is the best way to relax and resume the day. It calms you down and warms your soul. The soft steam is also a little spa treatment for your skin every evening.

Just try and stay away from caffeinated beverages those might delay your sleep and disrupt your sleeping pattern.

4. Get Unplug

We all know that our technical devices are not the best option for going to sleep and we all know to well the struggle with the one last comment and the one last video wich can last for hours.

So how can we control the urge to binge watch on social media?

By simply locking them out I of the bedroom.

Set up a docking station to charge up all your devices in a different room.

This way the will be fully charged in the morning and ready to go as you are.

5. A Routine is everything

Find a routine and make it your ritual ever night before bed.

I needs to leave you calm and happy.

This could be everything from making to-do-list for the next day to simply making some sketches to reading a book.

Do something that you’ll love every night this also won’t make the effort of going to sleep such a hassle.

6. Get low

Your brain and your body are following a biological clock wich dictates when we get tired and when we are awake.

This clock follows a great source wich is broadly available:

…natural light.

But nature wasn’t aware of our technical evolution and electric lights.

So try to lower your light and screens the close it gets to your bed time.

You can also filter out the blue lights specifically on your devices when it’s time to go to sleep.

Closing you blinds as well as eliminating any additional light source will also help your body getting ready to sleep.

7. Relax

The most important thing about falling asleep easier is to not overthink the process and relax.

If you are like me and your thoughts and impressions over the day are playing ping pong in your head and suddenly you are thinking about that stupid thing you did five years ago .

Or wich bad ass answers you could have given that time someone tried to argue with you and you where just speechless?

Even if I think of these things as a way of theological practice at night is not the ideal time for such things.

My way of cooping with this is a technique my grandma showed me on an old cassette:

“Imagine all your thoughts as leaves on a slow flowing river.

You are standing on a bridge across the river and just watch.

Just watch them floating by and leaving peacefully, experience the calmness it gives you.

Only stand there and watch until every leaf has left your picture.”

It works for me every time and I can finally let go and relax.

Did you find these tips helpful?

Do you have any questions or tips that work for you?

Feel free to tell me in the comments down below 😉