How to cope with a small following in the beginning of your socialmedia?

When you starting your Blog or your Instagram, anykind of socialmedia you will probably start with a very small following.

I have startet mine a few weeks ago and I still have quite a small following.

Even if the main fokus of my socialmedia is to draw attention to my Blog. Seeing the numbers only slowly rising and decreasing again can be hard on the motivation to be honest.

One main tip that woked for me was to not campare my following with anyone else there will allways someone better and more successful and these people needed allways to start anywhere and worked hard.

Now you can only see the outcome not the progress.

The other one was to visualize my following in actual people.

Imagine a room and fill it with the number of people that follow you.

30 people is a lot actually if they would apreciate you in person.

Also wouldn’t it be worth it to make even one person smile during their day?

My motto on that topic is have high hopes and realistic expectations.

You can only do what you do as long it helps you grow there is nothing to worry about.

I am still trying to find what I like to do and what works best.

I will keep you updated on my development and experiences during my progress.

Do you have simular experinces or some secret Tipps on that topic?

Feel free to tell me and others in the comments 🙂