Why did I start this Blog?

There isn’t only one reason I started this Blog there are a lot of reasons small things that I hope for to find in this project of mine.

I always was a creative person writing, painting, dancing and singing.

With my Blog I wish to make somebody smile with one of my creative outbursts or find like minded people as well as new friends.

What also inspired me was my scientific approach of life, researching and comparing complicated topics is one of my most time consuming hobbies and through this Blog I will have an opportunity to share my results with someone who like me is very interested in these kind of topics.

Who has the same thirst of knowledge about the highly disputed things in life.

Also I fell in love with the lifestyle that is portrayed in big and successful Blogs.

Being able to share my thoughts and experiences and enjoying life by earning a living seems to be a beautiful way of life.

Even though I do not expect to earn a living by doing this, but I do like the idea to earn maybe a few cents by doing what I love and would do anyway.

The Idea of being able of looking back at my life in a few years and see how my opinions and approaches of life have been changing over time, as well as my style of writing and my opinions is an exiting thought for me.

I know that I will change but I would love to look back in nostalgia thinking how different the world was back then and what would be a better representation than me painting my own lyrical pictures?

Traveling is also a big passion of mine and I hope to find here a platform of sharing pictures and stories with the world.

Additionally I love sharing my experience in life, love and relationships and would love to help you finding your own opinions or giving you a different view point on your own stands in life.

As an introverted person getting my opinions so far out there also scares me.

I hope to learn this way to communicate my thoughts and feelings clearer and learn to understand myself and others better.

Do have any questions or suggestions of topics you would like me to cover?

Please tell me in the comments 🙂