Arriving in Venice

First steps onto the swimming city

Stepping out of the plain with the broad sun loudly greeting and the sent the warm of the sea immediately hugging Venice has a welcoming feeling right away.

Walking through the airport classic music is playing over people talking shouting and dragging along their luggage onto the moving escalator.

Out of the saftey zone the hall way is lined with water running down the walls ending in a luscious growth of topic plants.

Coverd by people holding up sings cardboard displays listing prizes and water taxi companies.

The line for the water bus is more like a lump of confused people communicating with hands and feet where to go shouting to a wall of suitcases with their guardians wich ticket to buy.

After a long hall sided by windows filled with classical music and enlightened by a red star sealing. 

On the ground sweaty, grumpy people transported by traffic bands trying to fit their luggage through the set up blockages to prevent huge suitcases hinder the flow. 

Outside our the line to the water bus is short the other divided through color coding rather long and crumbed up with people. 

We wait in line as it slowly builds behind us. 

The driver is sorting our luggage and us after our stops, making us move for more people to get in. 

Cramped together in joyful excitement of the journey ahead. 

Guided under deck we are watching Venice’s Isles flouting by, entering the swimming city with seems to never have changed since its building. 

New Found Home

Our bed and breakfast is an old door in a very narrow ally across from a wide store window with handcrafted venetian masks. 

Watched terrible seamonsters, Medusa and a dragon we ring the bell. 

Some time goes by and we get greeted by a neatly dressed, very charming old man behind the door. 

He invites us in and introduces him self in Italian. He proceeds to show and explain everything further by clearly speaking and acting out for us to understand. 

Opining the front door with an old key „tre facile“. 

The rooms are as neat as him, clear and only the necessary also very clean. 

It is already too late to see any art installation withe the sun becoming softer as we start walking without any destination. 

Once upon a time in Venice

The streets of Venice are narrow sided by houses built long before I was born seemingly still telling the history the outlived. 

Always Opening up to a wider street filled with tourists or cut Through by a canal with gondoliers carefully paddling by. 

We find a triangle shaped pass way facing a bridge and decide to take a seat a the little old fashioned bar on the side. 

Inside you cam choose the toppings necessary for your Panini. 

We go for all vegetables mouth watering at the sight of beautifully roasted and preserved in olive oil. 

Haven’t eaten all day we await the panini simply enjoying the new found peace of a car free city. 

Satisfied for now we proceed wandering around in the picturesque old alleys.

Following the old-fashioned and most of the time more confusing than helpful sings we find the Rialto Bridge.

It is a beautiful and elegant white Bridge, reaching over the Canalegrande like a graceful decorated old dragen.

The pass way is packed with tourists taking selfies and people squeezing through.

We hold our Bags closer and follow trying not to step on anybody’s feet.

On an inviting looking plaza with an old Oak in the middle providing shade we find a gelateria with amazing vegan ice cream options.

With the best chocolate ice cream of my life in a cone we are trying to find our way back.

Walking back we stumble upon the place me and my family once stayed for a few days, wich caused a lot of old childhood memories to come back to life in this city.

Midnight in Venice

Venice at night is ridiculously beautiful.

After a quick shower and a change into longer clothing we wander around once again.

The atmosphere has changed completely and is filled with the sound of the waves washing to the shore.

The canals lay still, sleeping to the soft rose shine of the old streetlights. It looks so perfect it seems to be unreal, like someone had just build everything for this very purpose.

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